Allow yourself

a day break in your business schedule and book a seat in our luxurious 4×4 SUV to silently move away from crowded city zone towards countryside where time and space get all different meaning.
Be inspired by breathtaking landscapes while mingling privately with other successful business individuals.

KEDEM is an Adventure Travel Avantgarde bootstrapped by seasoned entrepreneur who loves blending technology with authentic travel, wild nature and sustainable environment.
Our Adventure Chefs share passion for mashing lab-work with outdoor activities to alter innovation for planet people.


The Big Crater Adventure

Mamshit (Memphis) – Guided tour into
most fascinating prehistoric Nabataea City

Desert style coffee served at Givat Rapad

Taking off road to the Big Crater

Panoramic oversight to the Crater from Mt. Avnon

Private Chef hosting early dinner at
Colored Sands Camp

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The Jerusalem Outbound Experience

Beit Guvrin – Guided tour into ancient
Roman coliseum, UNESCO World Heritage Site;
Local breakfast 

Beer tasting in a local micro-brewery

Azekah – The story where Few (King David)
defeated Many (Goliath)

Burma Road – an Hidden 4X4 trail that saved
Jerusalem from siege during the Jewish state
Independence War

Bab-El-Wad – The tragic story of HAREL brigade,
struggle to young Jewish state independence

Early dinner at Abu-Gosh 

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The Golan Adventure

Eli Cohen national park – The greatest Israeli
spymaster; Follow his undercover Syrian border
crossing trail, heroically served his country on life
taking espionage mission

Ascending the mountain trail to Oz 77 Memorial:
Birds eye view to utmost enduring armoured
battle arena at Yom Kippur War

Enjoy Wine tasting in the Golan

Kaalat Nimrod – Magnificent oversight to
the Sea of Galilee

Banias short break; Enjoy traditional Druze

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Choose your
culinary preferences

Dine in nature with a private chef, be a special guest in a gourmet
restaurant, connect to the unique Bedouin hospitality experience or
taste wines in our boutique wineries


Go wild and choose your outdoor activities:
rappelling, ATV, dive, and other attractions

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We welcome your personal preferences
and will be happy to tailor
your own adventure

Our Business Leisure accommodates full VIP service, including pick up & drop off

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